How to Block Punches

By using "Rampage Blocks"

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The absolute easiest way to deal with any strike is to block the attack.

On the positive side, blocking takes practically no energy whatsoever, it's quick, and it will effectively stop an object from colliding with your skull.

The main drawback is that it requires you to absorb some impact.  I don't particularly enjoy being hit on any part of my body...  some punches can slam your arms right back into your head.

*Depending on the power of your opponent, that can knock you dizzy...*

Lucky for you, I have an old-school video which will teach you the trick to blocking punches.  Here's why this method is amazing:

1.  Punches will be blocked in a way that won't leave your head rattled

2.  You can easily break your opponent's hand with an accurate block.

3.  This method of blocking can help you deal with any punch

4.  It's easy to counterstrike off of this block... simply block your opponent's strike and then issue your own smackage.

I picked up this technique by watching Quinton "Rampage" Jackson fight Vanderlei Silva back in the day. He was effortlessly blocking 4+ punch combinations with this technique.

As such, I affectionately this move the "Rampage Block".