How To Deal With Leg Kicks

And Smite Your Friendly Training Partners

  • It is the same thing Anderson did, it’s just that the kick placement was higher on Silva than on Patan

  • Hmm yeah but shouldn’t that lowkick be accompanied by a right cross?
    Sure you can catch beginners with this but people who know combos?

  • Def not full power kick…kinda staged…wonder if shin is angled so that the kicker is funneled up to the hand after landing?

  • You guys who are not believing this.

    You guys, have definitely never sparred in your life before, or maybe several of times.

    This wasn’t a pro fight or a hard sparring round.

    Pereira would’ve knocked the sparring partner out, if it was a hard round.

    Dude popped right up!

    This was light sparring, to work technique and save some brain cells.

    When you’ve gotten punched in the face for 7 years, you what moves are possible.

    That was most definitely, impressive technique!

    Jon Jones vs. Alex Periera 2025

  • The response to the catching of the kick is an important consideration. I don’t think throwing a strike with the left or right hand or elbow is generally viable because of the balance and distance limitations and inability to throw power. I tend to think immediately turning 180 degrees with the trunk and ripping the right leg from the opponent while moving away is a better response, albeit not without risk. Alternatively, perhaps using the left hand against the opponent’s right bicep as a brace and using the right arm to pull up on the opponent’s left arm while pushing down with the right hip and leg, again somewhat similar to a potential wrestling defense to a single leg—or paired with a head butt out of the ring. Interested in Trav’s response or other knowledgeable fighters. But I know standing there without moving the head is a knockout invitation.

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