How To Execute A Drop Seoi Nage

(with one hand)

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  • Trav
    Send me over all the guys that try this and fuck up their knees!


  • Trevor Ingleby

    Reply Reply January 19, 2018

    Hi Trav,I used to do Judo training,mainly to keep fit,and it did keep me fit for anything. A friend of mine in the 1950’s was a Judo black belt,when there was only a handful of black belts in the U.K.. He was only a small guy and very slightly built,but he was attacked one night in the town centre,by 3 men. He threw one of them with a Seoi Nage,and he hit the floor with his head,which killed him. He was accused of assault with a deadly weapon,and got a jail sentence,even though he was defending himself. I am enjoying your emails and videos very much,especially the one that I purchased from you. All the best,and thanks. Trev.

  • Zac

    Reply Reply January 19, 2018

    That’s a pretty terrible seoi. He’s asking for uke to step left, sprawl and choke/take the back. You need to be under uke, not have him thrown around one side. Like so many other important things in life, penetration must deep. The left leg step entering should be further across, and much further in. My coach would yell at us, “two hands for beginners!” Throwing from having only one grip on is very difficult, and pushing across the way he does is unlikely to work to get uke to square up like shown in the video.

  • Joey

    Reply Reply January 20, 2018

    Apparently Jimmy Fallon ate a judo instructor

  • Mike Kom

    Reply Reply January 26, 2018

    I did this move two Mondays in a row at my bar. I didn’t realize it was a thing. Clown customer causing problems and I was forced to toss them. Interestingly enough, both guys pooped their pants upon landing.

  • Mike Kom's Daddy

    Reply Reply February 1, 2018

    What’s the name of your bar Mike? I’ll make sure to stop by and cause trouble if I’m ever in your neck of the woods.

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