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How to Fight - Fatal Self Defense Techniques

This lesson will teach you how to both break necks and choke your opponent to sleep while you're still on your feet.  This is some of the most brutal stuff that I have on the website, so please be careful.

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Humans like to talk about things.

    • That’s kinda scary tho officer. Not saying u don’t find yourself in scary unpredictable situations, but If they didn’t train u to use these sort of moves, u probably shouldn’t!…….ijs avoid murder charges and use of excessive illegal force!

  • I strongly believe for every trick, there is a treat to get out of it. Lol. That being said, I see the relevence in the technique as well as the speed required to implement it properly. So, yes it very possible to remove yourself from this hold if you are able to execute promptly before you go to sleep or end up in a chair eating smoothies for life. Thanks Trav

  • Great lesson on standing submissions. The details on the guillotine awesome. In fact I will start implementing today on my Bob. If you ever come to Seattle Wa area and do a seminar on fight enders or self defense text me or email me.
    I’ll be your first client. Great material thank you.

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