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  • Trav. You said in your email….. “He is, after all, the son of God, while also actually being God… or something. (I don’t ask questions. I just live my life in constant fear of eternal damnation.)”

    Religious leaders today have muddied the waters….. as they did in Jesus’ day.

    The point is that we are all flesh and blood….. and we are going to die.
    The Creator of the Universe did not intend that for us.
    Our ancestors made that choice.

    The Creator sent himself (in a body) on a rescue mission for us….. that was Jesus.
    (That is why he is “the Son of God….. while actually being God”)

    He defeated death…… so that we can live as He intended…… for ever.
    That offer is available to everyone who will accept the offer.

    No need to fear eternal damnation…… (which is not what most people think it is either).


    • Have no fear Alan, because I was completely joking about this entire section of my email. That said, if I was the son of God while actually being God, I would totally have smote the Romans with lazer beams from my eyeballs instead of being crucified only to have people years later questioning whether or not I even existed.

  • Trav I love your videos, not only because of the training you give people
    but also the energy and funny moments in them

    (especially the footwork vid.)

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