Khamzat Busting Seoi Nage

This Man Throws

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    • I can attest that it is. (Obviously, you want to make sure you understand the set up and mechanics of it well). But … make sure you have something to go to if you miss it. Most people wouldn’t see it coming or be able to defend it, but it’s always good to have a couple of moves / repositions to shift to if you don’t land the throw.

  • Brilliant.
    Take a look at this DURA throw it’s from the book Arwrology techniques taught to commandos in world war 2.

  • Looks to me like what we called “drop seoi nage”. That’s how it was taught to me fifty years ago. Notice how deep his driving leg goes between the opponent’s legs. At the instant of maximum force he is driving off a foot which is BEHIND his opponent, and all of their weight is in front of that foot. Unless he rotates his opponent all the way over, the poor guy lands on his head, and that was what we had to watch out for so that we didn’t knock the other guy unconscious. Voice of experience (from being on the receiving end).

  • Kneeling ippon seoi nage CAN be effective, gi or no-gi – it is a “high-percentage” throw in judo tournaments. But while Khamzat’s mechanics are impeccable during this throwing demonstration, his opponent is NOT resisting AT ALL. I’d like to see footage of him executing the throw in some sort of competitive venue with a fully resisting (and attacking) opponent. Does anyone have links to such ready at hand?

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