Kicking Through 2 x 4's For Funzies

A Marvelous Display of Madness

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  • How is this possible? Monkey wrenches vs shinbone?! Is there like a build up of 2 inches of scar tissue? Yeah, this guy took the time to develop this… not just a freak of nature.

  • It’s important to note the dangers of overreaching with tests of your bones in striking. Remember that you’re training in martial arts to survive and to feel alive, not to take a risk that can devastate you. An old boyfriend of my sister, the superb comedian Warren Thomas, DIED of the lingering effects of his broken leg, and over 25 years later, too.
    His leg was broken in a football game in college, never healed properly, and the bone degenerated really badly when he was in his forties, leaving him bedridden for the last years of his life. It eventually became infected, the infection spread throughout his body and it killed him. This is much more likely to happen in the period when a broken leg is in the healing process, so no, it’s not that much of a freak happenstance.

    Please note the specific, detailed, and superb details of shin training that Trav so generously provided to you at no charge* before you subject your bones to one ten-thousandth of this fighter’s training trauma. You ever get hit in your shin without shin conditioning? In my twenties, while in great athletic I barely touched my unconditioned shinbone against a concrete surface when I slipped, and my shinbone was still a little purple and tender almost a year later.

    * I, who actually am the cheapest man in the whole world, am spending some money with Trav this month by way of compensation. For the record, I’m not affiliated with him in any way, shape, or form, and I don’t get anything in return if anyone ever does…

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