Lomachenko's Ridiculous Jab Counters

The Essence Of Speedy Counterstrikes

  • It’s not as flashy as rolling thunder, but 100x more useful and effective.

    Head mooment, head mooment! Rhonda should’ve watched your head movement tutorial.

  • I am an Amateur Golden Gloves winner (1984) and may not know what I’m talking about but I don’t see anything special here. The guy in blue trunks appears to be a southpaw and his straight left may be what you are calling a ‘jab’.?

  • You’ve referred to these left-handed punches as “jab counters.” But, isn’t Lomachenko fighting southpaw? Doesn’t that make those punches “straight left counters”? Arguably, even MORE impressive than jab counters?

  • The first rule of fighting (IMO) isn’t how to hit hard, it’s how to avoid getting hit, so many self defense courses stress hitting techniques, when in the real world being able to get your head out of the way of a hit is often the most important consideration.

  • Early morning and maybe need more coffee, but if it is coming from the rear hand (he’s a Southpaw) is it still a ‘jab’. If he was not Southpaw it would be his fast right hand he’d be leading with? (So much for ‘don’t lead with your right’?)

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