Lucas Matthysse vs. Ruslan Provodnikov

This looks painful.

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Humans like to talk about things.

  • From wiki: “Provodnikov said that he enjoyed eating raw meat such as raw moose liver and raw fish, and he said that he believed that eating meat made him strong”

    I’m going out to buy myself a pound of moose liver and some sushi.

  • I love the way he shook his head at the result lol. He had a good comeback but he was never going to win it on points!

    Sometimes I think that these fighters are a bit deluded.

  • Thank you Travis. I always learn a lot. What a courageous fighter. Old school, like 5,000 BC. I particularly appreciate being introduced to the Mansi culture. Fascinating and sadly, fleeting.

  • Tough ain’t enough.
    That was just a slug fest. No technical discipline. Good for entertainment and that’s all.

  • And that’s what made Floyd so great. This guy took more shots in one fight than mayweather prolly took in his whole career.

  • Provodnikov, lot a heart, lot a heart Man…. He just started too slowly thats what killed him. These are only highlights He came out stronger in later rounds but it was too late!

  • All heart. But tied up too long. If u got heart like that throw the bombs right away. If ur going to take a beating like that win. Next fight early start kids going to kick some ass.

  • Every fight is a learning opportunity. Ever hit someone and they blink it off? That’s a wake up call.

    Offense: Would your MA tactics be able to defeat Rusian? (there are other Rusians out there) What do you need to improve?

    Defense: Do you train yourself (your students) to take a punch/pain and still keep fighting?
    Do you train with the mentality that you WILL get hit?

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