Mason Roesler's Portfolio

The Original Fight Smart 'Mascot'

Mason Roesler has been appearing in Fight Smart videos and emails since shortly after his birth in 2014.

As a ridiculously cute baby who has rapidly developed into a small but adorable martial artist, he has been invaluable in creating marketing material, site content, and email marketing as well.  In fact, some version of the following "Thank you for watching" email has been sent out after every single marketing promotion for the past three years (which will now be updated to include Rowan 😉

I just wanted to take a quick second and say, HEY... thanks for checking out this video series, I really hope you liked it!

Also, thanks for being cool with my relentless efforts to get you to watch my videos :0)

After sleeping through yesterday's discount deadline, the hype is officially done, and it's back to work... or fun... whatever.

Next, I think I want to start teaching you guys some leg-locks... I find this to be a diabolically effective way to end fights, from any position where you end up (usually on the ground).

I'll be throwing together piles of highly useful stuff, as we go on here.  In other words, there is much more to come.

Thank you for being a part of Fight Smart, and for sticking around!

Mason has appeared in countless Fight Smart videos, and receives royalty payments on all videos which continue to play as 'Evergreen Marketing'.

This recent video from 2017 shows the type of role he frequently plays in the videos:

(skip to the 4:20 mark to see his part)

Mason has also done a lot of random 'sound effect' work and recording...

Which is featured heavily in the 'How to Fight Bigger People' course, during the video intros (these videos generate hundreds of sales annually).

How to Fight Bigger People Part 1.

How to Fight Bigger People Part 2.

How to Fight Bigger People Part 3.

How to Fight Bigger People Part 4.

(Mason also has a role in this video starting at the 6:20 Mark)

And while I could go on for much longer...

I will end with one final 'Mason Included' video, published in October of 2017, which generates a record number of "Head Movment Program: sales on the website:

(His part occurs at the 2:40 mark)

Over all, I love to incorporate my family into my sales and marketing material, because it makes my customers feel like they're a part of my family.

The importance of this is immeasurable... and I'm very lucky to have such adorable children to help with the art of persuasion.

Here's the comment section:

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