One Crappy Punch all it takes sometimes.

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Humans like to talk about things.

  • Bully man on the left sounds like suburban french “racaille” guy … Cannot see what the big guy on the right landed but that was heavy enough to end the story. period.

  • I think it was Geoff Thompson who said that assailants will attempt to use the 4 D’s in order to close the distance and overcome you. Dialogue, deception, distraction, and finally destruction.

  • Perfect reaction with usual outcome. Been there many times. Timing is everything. Must train hard on the stamina in case fight lingers on.

  • The guy throwing the punch looked uncoordinated but still managed to convince the other guy he himself was more crappier than the one who threw the first punch and had him walk away. Hummmmm, your right! Many people in the streets don’t know how to fight.
    To know how to fight and be coordinated is a must. I see your point, comes across very convincing and with proof.

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