Pavel Tsatsouline On Cardio

Building endurance effectively

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  • This is good info. So much of the internet based recommendations for getting in shape is based on developing large muscles, and/or is image and ego driven. It is good to hear info about training for effectiveness vs. ego, not saying effectiveness training won’t also improve image. But, it seems people’s primary goal is often skewed by looks over the use of their body. Don’t get me wrong, it should feel good to look good! I just want to develop skills and usefulness too.

    • I am a 34 years old runner with no previou experience on any sport… and I have followed my training plan with exercises focused on my heart rate. After 2 years of training I was able to complete a half marathon (13.1 miles) on 1:17:00.
      Once a week one interval run, one tempo run, one long run and couple of easy runs in between to get the lactic acid out.
      For me it, would be impossible to measure it without a heart rate monitor.

  • No good for the layman I needed to take better notes, did not walk away from it more knowledgeable, but I guess that was my fault!

  • Good information. I didn’t hear anything new. Pavel re-enforced some of the workout principles I already use. I’m an older doggie. I wish he would have addressed applying this to the aging population still attempting to maintain weight/fitness/cardio health.
    Overall, I enjoyed it. Been a Joe Rogan fan for quite some time.

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