Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker Highlights

Absolutely Insane Boxing.

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  • Awesome boxing. He’s lightening fast! I’ll be getting your videos soon. I’m at my remote cabin in Idaho doing a large remodel and don’t have the energy to practice for another week. Just so you know, I am disabled. I don’t look like it but I’ve had seven serious back surgeries and am facing that many more in the next few years.
    I am almost 60 years old. I’m in good shape given what I’ve been thru. I want to use your knowledge and videos to stay in shape, keep my balance and live thru what I have coming.
    Thanks, Dennis

  • My eyes are deceived he looks un-real. The way the others fighters was swinging so hard lmao. Sweet you are the One uno.

  • It awesome to watch boxing, but in the same time i realize the vulnerability of this bending downs. The guy bends, you hit him with the leg.

  • Damn! He was almost as evasive as Floyd, with his mf’n hands by his sides! No philly shell or nuthin’!!!
    If he’d had a philly shell he woulda been Floyd, before Floyd was Floyd. ?

  • Sweet Pea had perfected the Art of “No be there”. To hit him, you had to punch where he wasn’t, and hope for the best.
    Also, you just gotta love the “Corner Squat” slip.
    Hahaaa…haven’t seen that in the head movement training…..

  • To me, these videos are the ONLY ones in boxing that are more impressive, more entertaining and more smoke and mirrors incredulous they make Lomachenko and the “matrix” appear mediocre.
    What a sad passing. I am glad you provided the videos but the reason was a real drag.
    Nobody gets out alive.

  • I love it. He does really deep dip slips. Bends at the knees and hips but keeps his eyes up. He knows going so low triggers an uppercut, so he slides back with a rear slip. They cant hit him. I’m going to do 5 rounds of just dip/rear slip combos next workout.

  • Trav, oh my god he is good that you sending this video really enjoy watching it I have fel of the ladder soon after the rehab I will go back practicing tnx.

  • I bought one of your classes, I’m curious do you give lessons? Where is your store that I’ve seen in your video?