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Coupled with exceptional bat defense.

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  • Maybe the second dude cracked his head when he was flipped onto the floor off camera thus making more susceptible to the choke?

  • Oh yeah? Well I think those of you that think this is fake are fake. So, nah-ner-nah-ner. Think about it, you’re at a stop sign, there’s an obvious altercation about to happen in front of you, and the dash cam is recording. (Yes, a dash cam is a thing now especially in the EU). Tell me you’re not going to sit there and watch the show? Secondly, (and thusly), that KO punch isn’t real? And if it wasn’t, the guy taking the (fake) punch, must have been a professional stunt man because I’ve never seen a head jerk like that at the moment of (supposed) impact, followed by him falling without any hesitation and without looking, flat out on his back without even trying to protect his head. And on the rear naked choke, you really can’t see how deep he is when he’s got the 2nd mans head tilted up in the air. Besides, Trav don’t put out fake unless he tells you it’s fake.**

    **Unless it’s April 1st.

    • I take it back

      After multiple closer inspections.. I was wrong..

      I found the video with sound. And. Better copy. It’s real.

      With the sound it’s legit. And yeah. He had the choke in for long enough..

      When I thought it looked like KO guy was trying not to hit back of head, was wrong. He hits it on something on ground even worse

  • Looks real to me. I agree 100% with Greg. But who knows could be edited or something. Love this site. I’ve learned a lot.

  • Not all situations dictate the same actions. This certainly was a real scenario in the U.K., even if by most accounts not executed in the best way. The defender handled the situation decently enough, a little wooly overall but he handled it. Someone who has trained every day in a self defence system maybe ready for a call to arms as opposed to someone who trains like 90% of people who want to defend themselves only a handful of times. When adrenaline kicks in the system although you can be the best skilled/trained fighter going, different people handle situations differently ‘fight or flight ‘ takes place. If flight takes form and the mindset is not there, then you’re in for a world of pain…

  • I think the RNC was legit. The guy was probably gasping for breath after his failed take down. He tried to lift the bat dodger guy three times before he was thrown the ground. Might only take three seconds against a panicky untrained dude.

  • I was attacked with a 3 iron (golf club) but moved in only to have shaft break over my shoulder and a small divot on my back. then was able to take punk to the ground and finish the encounter…. stepping back may have been a hole in one.

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