Road Rage

And Sweet Justice Served

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  • I am around 120 kg atm. I have in the past been extremely fit n strong at about 98kg. I am 186cm tall. My first and only serious boxing coach had me doing hundreds if not thousands of simple 1-2 combos back n forward and around the gym. It was not uncommon for us to train 3-5 hours a day. Being a big bloke my coach said I should keep it hard fast and simple. This has worked for me on the couple of rare occasions over the last 20 years. I would make a great before after advert for your great coaching Travel. I can’t really afford you though. But hay I am like a sponge when it comes to listening and following instructions. I am ready to commit to the hard work and know what I am in for. You have my e-mail Trav. Let’s help each other. Respect Andrew Cassells

  • Some are suggesting using the car as a weapon if needed, but I would disagree. In today’s legal climate, that would result in a costly civil law suit which would most likely cause the driver’s auto insurance premiums to skyrocket.

    In addition, one would need to prove to the police, prosecutor, grand jury, and a judge that one’s life was in danger. Striking someone with a vehicle is deadly force, which is legal only when threatened with deadly force.

    Unless there is no other choice between using the car to hit the aggressor and death, I would advise never to do that.

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