The Ultimate Kick Recovery Tip

Watch The Way He Turns His Knee Out...

  • This is such a great technique to keep your kick from getting caught. I’ve seen him teach that before. The great thing about Sanchai is, everytime I see a video of him teaching, he seems to be at a different school or seminar sharing his knowledge and love of the art with everyone! He takes time to spar with everybody who wants to, and he keeps it relatively playful (except for the guys who think they can best him somehow ), but even with them he obviously shows restraint and mercy. Just a wonderful genuine human being… who just happens to possess the fight skills of a Master Jedi, and a true warrior who hasn’t been afraid to meet any opponent in the ring. I agree with you, Trav… I think he’s the greatest. The Mohammed Ali of Muay Thai. (But that’s a weak comparison. Sanchai has 20 times more skills, and so many more fights under his belt!)

  • Guys at that level seem to just see little things that are RIGHT there all the time and nobody else does. Like Jedi’s or something………….

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