Standing In Base

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  • I really liked the ridiculously low fighting stance. I think I’ll start walking around town like that just for practice.

  • I used to be able to do that…But 3 car wrecks later, I can stand like that now in my dreams or thinking about doing it while watching you.
    Since you brought up the WWE Bobby “TheBrain” Heenan philosophy was “Win if you Can,Lose if you Must, But always Cheat”. If I was in a fight like that the “Marquese of Queensbury Rules” are out the window. why not rip off an ear or take an index finger and stick it in his eye til you can tickle the back of his skull? Can you come up with some moves? that some one limited mobility can accomplish?

    • I can relate Kevin. After losing my leg in the Marine Corps, I’ve always tried to look at fighting videos and figure out how “I” would be able to accomplish a similar technique. If I were a professional fighter, I would make a video series for those of us with limited mobility or missing limbs. However, I’m pretty sure that it takes a lot of time for these guys to make these videos and would also take them a lot of time to learn to fight from a disabled perspective, and also with so many different disabilities, how would they narrow it down? So I just try to learn what I can and remember what the Corps taught me about fighting for your life vs. the octagon. If I can learn good techniques from these videos, then I would also employ the techniques taught to us in the service if needed.

  • Thanks Trav. Your technique may have probably have saved someone’s life who is in trouble in the street. A terrible position to be in on your back especially when you are in danger. John

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