The Best Fight Scenes Ever

#7ish. "Freeing the Bad Guy".

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  • I’m certainly No Techno but: If you find any such Media blocked in your Country, download a simple VPN (virtual private network) you can then bypass your ISP and appear to be in another global location where the previously blocked media will play.

  • Love the end when he looks all intense and conflicted then opens his fan and exits the scene… Kung Fu theater drama at its finest.
    Other than that a pretty typical fight scene of that genre, including sound effects… the acrobatics are always impressive but they don’t even attempt to make it look kinda convincing.

  • J Chan’s training started in the Royal Acrobatic Theater, I believe in Hong Kong. He was the problem child of I believe 3-4, his parents weren’t rich, so in order to “cut costs” his parents “enrolled” him in the above. The training was insane! I’ve respected this man and his commitment after reading his book.

  • Hey guys, I just want everyone to know that Star Wars, Commando, and Harry Potter are also not realistic depictions of self-defense. I also have some disturbing information about professional wrestling, but you have to contact me directly for that because it’s too shocking to be discussed in a public forum like this.

    It is genuinely amazing to me that it has to be continually explained to martial arts people that the primary goal of a fictional film is to be entertaining to watch and not be an instructional guide.

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