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The Double Armbar

The Double Armbar - The only thing I can think of that's cooler than breaking a guy's arm in a fight is breaking them both... at the same time.  This is a surprisingly easy move to master that carries a devastating effect.

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  • might need mention to control the wrists. if top guy goes palms down your move is infinitely less effective, but if you maintain their ‘thumbs up’ position, you can hip thrust away and snap those elows like stale french sticks!

  • Breaking both arms is cooler? There is nothing cool about violence. Imparting such knowledge to any person who wants to just show off is harmful. This is a power and with power comes responsibility as well. Extreme violence should only be used when absolutely necessary… Only in extreme conditions.
    Hence, there is nothing ‘cool’ about violence… It’s a necessary evil

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