The Essence Of Muay Thai

You guys are tough... but... stop.

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  • Lmao how do we slip and use tech against opponents such as these two obvious warriors. That is crazy.

  • Lol, there is better Muay Thai than that. Some fighters are adapting more western boxing slips and ducks and foot work into their style.

    Really enjoy your stuff.

  • By the end of either one of those fighters career and they continue to use that form of fighting style they could end up being a blind (retina damage) broken down(to many head shots) old man at a young age

  • This is Muay Thai? I don’t see anything special about this, just two guys beating the f*ck out of each other. I’ve doing this since jr. high

  • Brutal!
    Typical Thai boxing (Muay Thai) mindset… Absorb your opponents strikes, then make him pay!

  • They could use some head and feet movement skills. Maybe you Travis are the man for imparting such skills

  • Awesome. This reminds me of Don Frye vs Yoshihiro Takayama…one of my favorite fights ever, mostly because it’s hilarious.

  • I bet thier going to feel that in the mornimg the guy in black was wailing on the other guy all the other guy had to do is wait it out the dude blew his load too fast.