The Greatest Fighters To Ever Live

Here are some video clips of the best fighters
in the history of Mixed Martial Arts.

We can learn a LOT from these monsters... so pay attention to what they do, and then TRAIN IT YOURSELF.
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bas-vs-warpathBas Rutten Vs Warpath

I had the privelidge of training with Bas Rutten briefly, and his kick power was terrifying. This video shows you the point of developing such power, as he renders a huge fighter’s leg useless.

dominic-cruz-thumbDominic Cruz’s Footwork and Angles

Footwork and Attack Angles control the fight game.  Dominic Cruz takes squirrely moves from boxing greats like Muhammad Ali, and uses them to crush people in the Octagon.  This video breaks down some of his style.

A Tyson Knockout Highlight Reel

Few people had explosive power and footwork like Mike Tyson.  Combine head movement, sound attack angles, and knock out power… this is what you get!

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