The Head And Arm Choke Secret Finish

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This is a secret move, and a follow up for the head and arm choke video.  This is the absolute best way to finish the head and arm choke, and it's one of the most powerful neck constrictions that you can possibly throw.

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  • Dennis McMahon

    Reply Reply May 20, 2019

    Hello Trav.
    Have interest in your work with Dan Fisher; even went to his Engineered MMA website to view a few more of his free videos. You mentioned in your lesson on the arm triangle choke that you were working on some things with him. Is that still in progress? It doesn’t look like his website has been updated in awhile. I agree his variations of Kimora’s, Americans, arm locks are killer. Nice to have such a coach/mentor, you know, like we all have YOU! Anyway, just curious about any offerings you guys might have in the works,

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