The Jab Part 2... Jab Set-Ups

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The Jab Part 2... Two nasty set-ups that rely on your jab - This builds on the jab to give you a couple of solid two strike combinations.  You will need to watch the roundhouse and hook video if you really want to understand the most powerful way to utilize these lessons.

  • Does this still work if you’re short. You have a long reach being 6’2″. I’m a foot shorter than you.. I wonder if I would be too close to pull the roundhouse off.

    • Yes, no matter the height. As long as you are paying attention to the dynamics (height attribute of the person you are fighting) it will work. As you are 5’2(ish) you need to make sure you’re practicing getting your leg to the proper height to make that contact while keeping the speed to exit out of that critical zone.