The Kneebar Guard Pass

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The Kneebar Guard Pass - This is an essential kneebar, and it's not a complicated position from which you would be throwing it.  Basically, any time a guy leaves his legs split a little too much, you're going to take advantage of it and snap his leg in half... why fight the rest of the way for a guard pass when you can just finish the move from there?

2 responses to “The Kneebar Guard Pass”

  1. What about from closed guard . This is one of those .. training videos….

    He’s not even trying to resist this..

    I know you’re the best , but, he’s gotta guard to make it s guard pass

  2. Reilly Bodycomb shows the figure four hold grabbing the heel but then places the back/side of his head on top of the guy’s ball of the foot/toes to cause what I believe to be the same effect Mr. Dan was talking about.
    Best of both worlds, check out out!
    Love all of your stuff, you’re a very underrated pioneer in your teaching methods and techniques.

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