The Slambit...

but for the old and broken.

Last week I proudly proclaimed that I am going to build the ability to slam and suplex people.

Many kind souls expressed their heartfelt concern:

"Trav, you're going to break your neck, my good homie." 

"Trav, this will be even worse for your feeble knees."

Well, have no fear my friend... after all, I am a sensible aging martial artist.  

The goal is to get people on the ground, and there are ways to use body-lock throws to do this without risking our literal necks.

Please take a look at this lesson by Ben Askren, on how one can 'sit' gracefully into a suplex-esque takedown.

It barely makes a sound.  It's like gently laying an old man into a bathtub... if you're into elder-care I guess. 

This game-plan does not require risk.

But again, you will have to arch your back into the move.  So, like the broken old men that we are, let's continue to slowly build our back arches.

Scroll to the very bottom of this page, to see a step by step methodology on how to build the torso flexibility that you will need.

It starts with this exercise here, and progresses step by step:  

If your back hurts regularly, I beg of you... strengthen it, while simultaneously stretching your hip flexors by doing these arches.

You will feel a difference immediately.

But what's that you say?

You've already lost your motivation for building your back and the ability to slam people?

Well, feast your eyes on one of the greatest slams in martial arts history... followed by a spectacular comeback.

(skip to the 0:55 second mark)

Slams are awesome. 

Being 'on top' is awesome. 

Back health is awesome. 

Keep your eyes on the prize my friend.

Have a fantastic weerk!


Here's the comment section...

Humans like to talk about things.

  • Thanks for this. I haven’t known where to start with the back rebuild.
    I’m going to add this exercise immediately. Cheers.

  • Would you consider doing a video to shamelessly pitch your newsletters? The content is solid, you make proper use of the informal essay style (as in, not annoying), and you have put in a lot of work on these.
    Do please consider the idea.

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