The Top 5 Jabs of all time...

and how they do it.

Having spent the entire week talking about 'plant-thoughts'... of all things... I'm a little burned out on writing so this will be a low-effort email.

Here's some guy's video on the 'Top 5 Jabbers of All Time'.

...and man, were they good.

Watch their form. See what you can get away with. If you have super long arms, you don't necessarily even have to pull your jab all the way back to your face. You can fire it from hip level, since your distance is primarily protecting your face. 


"But Trav... the jab is not glamorous or cool looking."

Perhaps. But, it is the most important punch.

If you can establish your jab and stop your opponent from establishing his jab, your odds of winning go up. Way up.

You can stop the guy from getting anywhere near you.

That's handy.

Here's one of the first lessons I ever filmed on 'how to throw a jab'.

If you don't know the form and footwork, you need it.

My entire fighting style is based on this specific coordination between hands and feet.

Jab the air for 3 minutes to get used to it... if you're not there yet.

Then, don't mess it up.

Many fighters throw a 'flawed punch'... and in this video, Michael Jai White explains how this makes such flawed punches very easy to see coming.

So... don't do that.

Do this instead:

Here's a trick for increasing your punch sneakiness and not throwing a telegraphed and flawed punch.

Now combine it all together and you have a weapon.


2 minutes per day even.

One, single, two minute round per day.

Bonus points if you do two rounds.

In a month you'll have a nasty and incredibly useful weapon.

I'm working from a car right now and we have parked.

I... I gotta go.

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At least 10.


That'd be great.


Hey, have a great weekend!



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