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"Jiu Jitsu Is a complicated art; breaking peoples joints and choking them to sleep effortlessly takes a little practice"

This section contains a ton of detailed video lessons that break Jiu Jitsu techniques down, and make them easy for you to do.  First, you should feel obligated to read this one paragraph summary of Jiu Jitsu:

Jiu Jitsu was brought into the mainstream when Royce Gracie (a skinny little guy) was beating people twice his size in the UFC.

In Jiu Jitsu, your goal is to work for a "submission move" which you can use to cause massive bodily damage if the guy doesn't submit.  On the street, you might not really care about a submission... in a life or death situation, you just break the guys fucking arm and go about your day.

This might sound like a brutal style, but it's really quite elegant.  To me, swiftly sneaking in a choke and making your opponent pass out is rather kind... in the greater scheme of things.  It's way more humane than sitting on top of his chest and dropping 50 elbows, rendering his face unrecognizable.  Jiu Jitsu should be one of the core studies in any martial artists repertoire.  If you want some inrto Jiu Jitsu lessons, please go to the "Basics" section.

Jiu-Jitsu-Double-Armbar-YoutubeThe Double Armbar 

The only thing I can think of that's cooler than breaking a guy's arm in a fight is breaking them both... at the same time.  This is a surprisingly easy move to master that carries a devastating effect.

Jiu-Jitsu-Bicep-Slicer-Armbar-Finish copyThe Bicep Slicer Armbar Finish 

This is a super cool move that not a lot of people know about. Instead of wasting a ton of energy trying to rip a guys hands apart to finish an armbar, this lets us crush his bicep and dislocate an elbow... way sweet. This is a follow up to the armbar from mount video you may have seen on YouTube.

Jiu-Jitsu-Scissor-Sweep copyThe Scissor Sweep 

This is a classic Jiu Jitsu sweep, and one that takes you directly into full mount of you execute it correctly.

Jiu Jitsu-Kneebar-Guard-Pass copyThe Kneebar Guard Pass 

This is an essential kneebar, and it's not a complicated position from which you would be throwing it.  Basically, any time a guy leaves his legs split a little too much, you're going to take advantage of it and snap his legin half... why fight the rest of the way for a guard pass when you can just finish the move from there?

Jiu-Jitsu-Armbar-From-Mount copyArmbar From Mount 

This is one of those moves that you pretty much have to know. I don't love it, it's not the best submission, and I would rather punch someone in the face 50 times from mount instead. However, you are going to be faced with at least 100 scenarios in which you just HAVE to take the armbar from mount. Additionally, knowing this will make your armbars sharp in general. This will come in handy.

Jiu-Jitsu-Canopener-Pass copyThe Can-Opener Pass 

This is the most abusive guard pass that you can do to someone, and it's incredibly effective.  The can-opener itself can make weaker guys tap out, but we will use it to pass your opponents guard in horrific fashion.

TriangleChokesTriangle Chokes 

The triangle choke is an essential choke from your back, though it isn't the easiest move to get right away. I want you to learn this move from the beginning, so even when you suck at it, you're thinking about your ability to throw it. This is going to prevent the guy in your guard from getting away with tons of bullshit... your triangle will keep him "honest", and under control.

Jiu-Jitsu-Triangle-Part-2-Ultimate copySecuring Your Triangles 

(and setting up Backside Triangle Attacks) – Tired of people posturing up and breaking free of your triangles?  This video will ensure that it never happens again, AND it will open up a new realm of submission moves.

Jiu-Jitsu-Head-and-Arm-Choke copyThe Head N Arm Choke 

This is a classic Jiu Jitsu choke, and it adds to your arsenal when you've got the guy down, and you are in side mount. This choke is so tight that it can pop blood vessels in the other guys face and eyes.

Jiu-Jitsu-Head-and-Arm-Choke-Part-two copyHead N Arm Part 2... an alternate ending 

This is a secret move, and a follow up for the head and arm choke video. This is the absolute best way to finish the head and arm choke, and it's one of the most powerful neck constrictions that you can possibly throw.

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  • Trav – you are “The Dude” thanks for a all that you do; I support your efforts to the extent my finances will allow … because it benefits me.

  • what do i do if my opponent is larger than me and the fight is on the ground and he ends up pinning me to the ground?

    • Hi, there are specific escape techniques depending how he has mounted.
      Try Youtubing the following:
      Escape from side control
      Escape from full mount

  • Hi I want to leane ju jit su,self defence I find some vids abit out and is there perhaps a way to trip someone on there ass and then you can run