The “Trav-aconda”

Bonus Move!

The Somersault Guillotine - Here's a pretty sweet lookin way to choke someone to sleep.


  • david

    Reply Reply July 18, 2018


  • Sid

    Reply Reply September 23, 2018

    Try grabbing your tricep instead of your bicep. Bicep grip is not very strong

  • Aleksandar

    Reply Reply February 27, 2019

    Is this possible if opponent is 15kg heavier than me?
    Trav is GOAT.

    • Trav

      Reply Reply February 28, 2019

      Yup… it’s just going to be a little tougher to snap his head down. You’re going to need to work hard, and/or maybe fake an attack low to get him to bend over, and make it easier to grab that position. Gordon Ryan has been faking at single leg takedowns, to set up front headlock based submissions!

  • Wilbert

    Reply Reply March 3, 2019

    It Looks very easy to do and like it will put someone to sleep for sure

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