Tips For Fightin' Bigger Folks

...and clever ways to use clothes to your advantage.

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  • Trav, if it’s a non rigid shirt or anything, just grab the skin flab above the triceps Shiv through it… Even better.

  • Hey I like to get give a kick to the side of the knee on the first side step then blast with body or head shots especially if the guy is bigger.

  • Hey grabbing with right hand is perfect but giving blows by the left hand I don’t think so it would be comfortable for righty like me

  • I would also grab with my other hand to punch his kidneys with my right hand to be at his at his back completely

    • Today I’m going to fight someone and she is bigger than me can someone help me tell me a way to get her to the floor

    • Try to study the way he fights and give yourself a personal evaluation on what you did wrong in the last fight don’t get frustrated because if you do it’s equivalent to you losing before the fight even begins and also try and change your tactics.

  • I just want to say I like it left hand and step in to the side and bring the back left foot in I like the ideas you gave your a really good fighter I learned alot from you good amount of stuff I wanna ask if I was to throw my left or right up and go in by moving my body behind to slam to be done with the fight I wouldn’t lot time need hit hard all I got to do is make dude have a reaction to it put he’s hands up use slamming and I feel as speed would help I study stuff like blocking stuff that will help and like stands

  • So i used this against my 5’7 tall bully of mine that bullies because of 4’6, i dodged and slipped to the side, grabbed him. Took my left, and started going at it as hard as i can, he covered his stomach, pulled a savage power punch to his face, gave him a nose bleed, he jumped back and hit the wall, i socked him on the jaw, the sound his teeth made from the clacking was satisfying then he just fell with his arms wandering up. He never bullied me again. Thanks dude 😀

    • Im a 4’6 tiny boy in 7th grade, hew as in 8th and if i were to separate my school into groups, he would be in the retarded group of kids, or the badass kids.