The Best Boxing Glove Choices

As proclaimed by Trav...

I've gone through a LOT of boxing gloves...

In addition to the gloves that I've used, I've always  had to stock the "community" gloves at my training facility, so they were often used 4 or 5 hours every day.  That type of strain puts gloves to the test.

Gloves tend to be way overpriced.  You can get an OK set of gloves for less than $50, and it makes no sense whatsoever to spend $139.99 on an item that's going to smell like a homeless person's feet in a year or less.

That said, for $90 you can get the best set that I recommend buying... and it's a badass set of gloves.

First, pick your priorities.  Decide whether to go for inexpensive gloves, or awesome gloves... and make moves from there.  For more information about why I chose the following gloves, read the bottom of this page.

(Both of these can be purchased from MMA warehouse, to combine shipping charges with other items you might need)


Hayabusa Ikusa 16oz Gloves - $89.99

This is a GREAT set of gloves for 90 bucks... they will last forever (if you dry them out after use), they feel great, and they provide a ton of extra wrist support. Hayabusa does not mess around when it comes to manufacturing gloves. These people use great material, and padding that doesn't break down. Again, the 2 strap locking mechanism used on the wrist really adds an element of support to the gloves, while also making them easier to put on. Top notch gloves for $50 less than top notch prices.
venum gloves

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves - $49.99

Now these are certainly not the best gloves in the busines, but for $50... who cares? They're reasonably well built, and if you're trying to punch on the cheap, it doesn't really get much cheaper. That said, I own a "cheap" pair of Venum shin guards, and I'd choose them over any Fairtex pair that I've ever owned. Also, if you buy the Venum Headgear and Shinguards, you get these free! I don't know about you, but if it's free, it's for me.

Here are the things to take into consideration when buying gloves:

  1. Ease of putting on/taking off the gloves
  2. Ability to make a good fist within the glove
  3. The durability of the padding
  4. The durability of the "leather"
  5. The durability of the velcro to strap

DO NOT go to a local sporting goods store and try to buy a pair of boxing gloves.  They all carry the same pair of Shmeverlast gloves, and they're always crappy.

To me, the most important reason to go with the Hayabusa's is the fact that their padding is not cheap, and will not degrade as quickly.  If you're just punching a bag, this doesn't matter as much, but if you plan on sparring, that padding saves your training partners face.

If you've been in this sport for a while, you've probably sparred with someone who has old/crappy gloves, and it probably felt like his knuckles were jamming right into your face... because they were.  Padding withers away from the most common point of impact if it's poorly manufactured, and this equals bruising of faces, and potentially hand damage if you punch an elbow or something else hard.

Cheap and degrading padding equals bodily harm.

Hayabusa spends money on this type of research, and manufacturing... and they hang their hat on a quality product.

The dual velcro strapping mechanism or "Patented Dual X" is not a replacement for wrist wraps, but it does give you a NOTICEABLE increase in wrist support, and that will make you confident in punching harder.

All that said, if you plan on buying a full set of sparring gear, grabbing the Venum Helmet I recommend and shin-pads I recommend (from MMA warehouse) you get this set of boxing gloves for free... which is always nice.

I would obviously re-gift those, allowing me to seem considerate and thoughtful, while happily buying a pair of Hayabusas for myself 😉


If you'd like to share your thoughts, please feel free to do so below.