Head Movement Training

The Art of Bobbin' and Weavin'

Bobbin' and Weavin' bobweave

You've probably already seen this video, but if you haven't click here to watch people try to punch me in the face!

Straight Slips video-2-hm-launch-thumb-play

The 'Straight' Punch is probably the most common punch you're going to see... and it's also one of the easiest ones to slip and counter.  This is how you're going to do it.

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  • benjamin

    Reply Reply April 15, 2018

    i purchased your head movement program a year or two ago but its not showing up under paid programs all its showing is leg locks which i also bought. i was just wandering whats up i was making some good head movement progress to hoping you can fix the problem the purchase name might be under my moms name debra please help trav.

    • Trav

      Reply Reply May 5, 2018

      I see on your comment below that this has been fixed! Hope you’re enjoying the course man.

  • benjamin

    Reply Reply April 15, 2018

    ok its showing up now kindly disregard sorry to bother you

  • Trav

    Reply Reply May 5, 2018

    Anyone else having this issue? This is the first I’ve heard of it.

  • Luis

    Reply Reply June 3, 2018


  • Sarbjot Ajit

    Reply Reply June 30, 2018

    Your awesome. I would recommend your head movement program to anyone . To be honest I bought the whole program . Just the first week of your program is worth more then all the money I paid. You teach well and you are effective in communicating your knowledge and keeping it interesting. Do not let anyone tell you less. It’s clear that you have worked hard and thought through how to teach us simple folks . Please keep up the great work man!! Listen whenever you make those DVD I WANT THEM ALL. Also any thing else you have. God bless . Hope you and your family have a happy 4 th of July
    Dr Ajit

  • Sarbjot ajit

    Reply Reply June 30, 2018

    Your awesome I sent a comment not sure it went through so I said let me do it again. First of all I bought your whole program and I can tell you this , your first week of head movement program is worth much more then what I paid for the whole program. Hell still working on day 4. It’s clear you have spent considerable time not only working on techniques and training but ways to effectively teach it. You keep it interesting and entertaining. I can assure anyone who buys your program that it is worth it . Hell I think your selling it for cheap. Don’t stop though and ALSO don’t forget to make DVD .
    Again with all the BS we see and con artists that milk people by portraying themselves as martial artist , your no con. Your the real deal and better then that you really want to teach it effectively and efficiently . Hope you and your family the best and enjoy your 4 th of July
    Dr Ajit

  • Christopher

    Reply Reply July 3, 2018


  • Brian Hayford

    Reply Reply July 11, 2018

    Only the straight slips video is showing up under my head movement members section.

  • Erik

    Reply Reply July 14, 2018

    Hey Trav just purchased your package deal (pause lmao) and i personally want to thank you for this life skill. Birthday is tomorrow so my goal is to see where i am a year from tomorrow !! Thanks again you’re the best

  • Ben

    Reply Reply August 7, 2018

    Hey man, when is your Head Movement course going back on special offer? I didn’t snap it up when I had the chance and now I wish I had done. Money is tight right now and I can’t justify the full amount.

    Loving the free content and links you send, keep up the good work Trav

  • Anonymous

    Reply Reply August 9, 2018


  • kukateka

    Reply Reply October 10, 2018

    can add some head movement training drills and blocking drills

  • Alex

    Reply Reply November 6, 2018

    What’s up Travis
    I’m interested in your head movement program. I was wondering what do I need in order to see the videos. Will I just receive a member login where the videos will be ready to see?

    • Trav

      Reply Reply November 7, 2018

      Yup! If you sign up for the full course, you will receive access credentials, and have instant access to the entire program. If you just want the mini course, you’ll get 3 ridiculously important head movement lessons emailed to you… and then we shall see if you want to continue becoming unpunchable!

  • Michael Heiss

    Reply Reply November 13, 2018

    See I wasn’t the only one ! Some reason you took it off ! I think I gained some more weight too ! I was a subscriber when your son was in the hospital ! Thank , God for answering our prayers ! I’ll bet he is a monster now ! I need help ! Older dude with bad knees and feet ! I was supposed to get a T-shirt too ! But , It will never fit me ! You said ; Something about a treadmill !!! Probably about a million hours and I should be in pretty good shape ! Now if I just had a treadmill !

  • Michael Castagna

    Reply Reply December 7, 2018

    I like your product, but it is a bit steep. Do you ever have sales on this product?

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