Free Fight Enders

How To Win A Street Fight

"This section of "Instant Fight Enders" contains a series of set-up's and combinations that I have use and teach with great success."
(The videos are down belowwww if you don't feel like reading.)


This section is filled with scripted attacks that have a high likelihood of doing tremendous damage to your opponent... just memorize a few of them.  The more you practice them, even if just by thinking about them throughout your day, the more powerful they will be.


"It's like constantly sharpening a hidden stash of weapons that nobody knows you have... and that you can't get arrested for."

No one can guarantee a knockout.  Sometimes you have an amazing opportunity but you swing and miss.  Shit happens.  All you can do is maximize your chances of success, and the weapons on this page are specifically designed to end fights in an intelligent fashion.

There are countless ways to do this:

Submission Series - A submission series is a number of moves, tied together, which when executed will result in a destroyed joint or a choke in your opponent.  You will take the guy to the ground in such a way that you can instantly throw a submission move.  With enough practice, these become second nature, and you can end a fight in moments.

Baits - You make the guy think you're going to hit him in one spot, and you hit him in another.

Level Changes - Sending combinations to multiple levels of the guy's body, too quickly for him to  defend multiple vulnerable areas.

Angled Attacks - Attacking in such a way that you are in a good position to hit your opponent, and he can't hit you back.

Well-Placed Power - This is straight up blunt force trauma... when you go for your well crafted attack, you throw it so f#$%ing hard that you do massive damage... plain and simple.

These combinations follow the above principles, and a stash of others that I have.  Enjoy them. If you have any questions, post them in the forum.

StandingSubmissionsStanding Submissions 

This lesson will teach you how to both break necks and choke your opponent to sleep while you're still on your feet.  This is some of the most brutal stuff that I have on the website, so please be careful.

Instant-Fight-Series-1-1 copyHow To Fight And Win In 5 Seconds 

This is a simple series of moves that will allow you to take a guy to the ground and tear the ligaments in his leg to pieces.

fakinlow copyFakin' Low and Hookin' High 

This is quite possibly my favorite set up of all time.  This set-up uses level changes and deception to set up a brutal left hook to an open face.

Striking-Fadeaway-Hook copyFade-Away Hook

(You should watch the Rear Slip video first) You might remember this set-up from the movie Snatch... if not, don't worry... I put the clip from the movie in there (don't tell on me).  In this technique, you bait your opponent forward, and then destroy him with a hook while getting out of the way... I love this one.

fedorcomboThe "Fedor Combo" 

This is one of my favorite combos because you get to pretty much unleash serious power in an all out onslaught.  This one is great for knockouts, and safe when done correctly.

Striking-Overhand-Right-Set-Up copyA Sweet Set-Up For The Overhand Right 

(You might want to watch the Overhand Right Video First).  I taught a kid this set up who had already decided to do a tough-man competition before I started training him… then he tore his left shoulder to pieces playing rugby. He only had one arm with which to fight… and he knocked the kid out cold. So satisfying...

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