How To Win A Street Fight

How to win a street fight isn’t a cut and dry issue. There are certain general strategies that should work in a controlled setting, but the point of labeling it a “street” fight is that its the exact OPPOSITE of a controlled setting. There are no rules, and no squishy mats to land on. There’s no ref to save you, and you might even be surrounded by hazards. Your ability to be aware and to adapt to the setting at hand, might save your life, or just help you beat the crap out of someone instead of going home a defeated , injured mess.

As your environment changes, your strategy needs to change as well. For example, if the fight were actually on the street, I would certainly think twice about tackling anyone to the ground or from a more advanced standpoint, using any type of double leg takedown where your knee hits the ground on your ‘shot’. The street itself can be more dangerous than your opponent. Here are a handful of things that will help you, should you end up in some type of uncontrolled brawl.

I’m going to assume that you don’t know the guy that you’re fighting. If you do, it’s good news, because then you might know some of the people that around him. A huge issue in any street fight is when suddenly there are five people fighting you instead of one. If you know the guy great, you might be familiar with his crew. If not, it’s very important to take a survey of the scene and figure out who’s on the other guy’s side. It shouldn’t be too hard… they tend to make a lot of noise and have a lot of verbal input. That’s fine; let them talk. Take note of each one and their position. Remain calm, and confident. If you don’t feel very confident, just make it a point to stand up tall with your head high. Some people look defeated before a fight even starts.

If they are spreading out or trying to get behind you, while you are focused on one of them, it could be a real problem. There’s a saying in fighting that “The punch you don’t see coming is the one that knocks you out”. If you let some random thug walk behind you and punch you in the back of your head, the results will probably be bad. Again, the unexpected nature of the punch is very startling to your brain, which inherently might just shut off for a few minutes if the shock is too severe. Also, your brain stem and occipital nerves are exposed and vulnerable when being struck from behind. This is why there are rules against striking to the back of the head in any type of organized fighting; it’s called a rabbit punch, and it’s very illegal.

The chance of being hit with a rabbit punch is also why you need to keep everyone in front of you if you end up in a street fight. The consequences could be severe. It goes way beyond the old trick on the playground where someone would sneak up behind you and kneel down behind your legs so that someone else can push you over.

If you survey the scene and you are clearly outmatched by numbers, you might want to say something to avoid a situation where you’re “getting jumped” by a group. Say something like, “I don’t want to fight all of you, I want a fair one-on-one.” If you want to be a little more brazen, you could always say something like “I can’t take you all out, but which one of you has the balls to fight me one on one.” Based on their collective response, you’ll probably have a good idea of what you’re up against. If they say something honorable like, “we want a fair fight,” you could be ok. If they say something like, “you’ll get what you deserve,” then you should expect to get jumped. An additional little side note, any time one of the guys has his fists clenched, he probably wants to hit you in the head with them. Watch out for those blatant signs of aggression.

No matter how many people could be involved, the next thing you need to take a look at is the actual environment around you. Where are the hazards? Are there cars going by? Is there a curb to trip over? Is there anything that can be used as a weapon? I don’t believe in using weapons during a fight, but I also don’t believe in getting jumped or stabbed. If there happens to be a 2×4 lying around somewhere I want to know where it is in case the sh** really hits the fan. I want to keep the fight away from things like broken glass, both because I don’t want to be cut by it and also because I don’t want it to end up in the other guys hands. It’s a hazard on the ground and it’s a hazard in his possession. I like keeping glass out of my skin entirely, so you might as well avoid being near any windows and the two feet on a street before right before you hit the curb. All of the glass and rocks that end up in a road get pushed to the side by the cars that are going by. Anything on the shoulder should really be avoided.

From a technical standpoint, there are certain things that I wouldn’t do based on certain environmental changes. I’m not going to throw a lot of crazy kicks if the ground is wet and slippery. The more time I spend on both of my feet in a slick setting, the better. As I mentioned before, I won’t tackle someone onto hard pavement. A double-leg takedown is a great wrestling move, but it has to be modified for the street. You can’t let either your knee or your head come in contact with the ground, so the form is not traditional. On the same token, I’m not going to do a lot of fighting from my back. I love Jiu Jitsu, and I’ve studied it extensively. I’d say that I could win 99 percent of fights that I encounter from my back, but it’s a bad strategy on the street. Not only will you leave a lot of skin on the pavement, it puts you in prime position to get stomped on should anyone else decide to join in. I’d much rather remain standing, not have my bed-sheets peel off my scabs every morning, and not get kicked in the head.

The most important thing that you can do to win a street fight is to build a few devastating skills. You don’t necessarily have to learn how to box at a high level to learn how to throw a left hook with crushing power. You also don’t need to be a boxer to learn a couple easy ways to set it up. Having a knockout weapon in which you are confident is important for both winning a fight, and your attitude when entering a fight. You have to KNOW that you can win a fight at any second in order to feel good about entering one.

Throwing punches in combinations is also very important. If you throw one strike at a time, you wont have a high success rate of landing them. Its much more difficult to defend four punches than one, especially if you send them to different parts of the body. That’s a concept called “changing attack levels”. Little concept like this make your attacks far more likely to land, and if you’ve created some knockout power already, you can use combinations to lead right into your knockout strikes.

I think that its a very good idea to memorize anywhere from 5-10 clever and tricky combos so that you can pull one out whenever. When you’re fighting, you might get mentally stuck for a second. You could freeze a little bit, and not know exactly what to do next. This is a great time to pick one of your random combos and throw it as hard as you can.

Fighting while moving on an angle to your opponent instead of straight forward and backward is a great way make your attacks land without being hit back. This is complicated topic to teach in an article, but let’s just say that there’s no reason to be directly in front of someone when you’re hitting him.

You should develop at least one strike that will keep your opponent away from you. Jabs are typically the go-to punch for this but front kicks are actually much longer. This lets you determine when attacks are thrown, by controlling whether or not the guy gets anywhere near you. It’s nice to see the look on someone’s face when ANY time he even gets close to you, you snap him in the face with something. You can win fights before they really start by doing this.

You might say to yourself that you don’t know how to do any of these things, and get kind of bummed out. But have no fear. I teach all of these things on my website, and i break down the technique so that its incredibly simple to do. If you watch the videos on my site and practice for a minute, you will build the powerful techniques that you need to win any street fight. Go to “How To Fight Now dot Com” and ill give you all of this stuff for free. Then you’ll be able to relax any time some punks decide that they want to mess with you.

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