The Basics

Basic Striking Lessons

"Scroll down for the videos!"

Ok look... I started this entire "filming MMA techniques" thing with the basics.  That unfortunately means, I didn't know what the Eff I was doing at the time with respect to videography.

The lighting is shitty, the sound sucks, and I couldn't even speak for more than 5 seconds at a time without screwing up... thus the absurd number of clips cut together.

That said, ALL of this information is very important.  These are little details about each and every strike that took me years of MMA experience to gain, whiletraining fighters from the ground up.

While you don't give a shit about my video production sob story, I just wanted to acknowledge that this section is not the finest that I offer here... so don't make fun of me.  Make sure you check out the other sections, and give me a little time to re-film the basic lessons.  IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, or if any of this is not clear, post a lesson request in the forum, and I will put it together for you in a week or so.

In the mean time... this is good enough to get you started... so deal with it.

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The Best Fighting Stance

This video gives you all of the details that you need to have a solid stance.  You will be well protected and highly mobile, making it easy for you to attack quickly while remaining safe.  I personally think that this video is hilarious as well.

striking-punch-dynamics copyPunch Dynamics 

These are the little details that make straight punches effective... and stop them from injuring you (the puncher).  This video clears up a couple of myths, and should be applied to any straight punch that you throw.

Striking-Distancing copyFight Distancing

Before even teaching you how to throw a punch, I think it's important that you understand how far away you are supposed to be from the guy you're trying to beat the crap out of.  The correct distancing builds power and increases your safety.  This is an EXCELLENT video and you will have a better understanding of how to fight after watching it.

Striking-Jab copyThe Jab 

This punch is pretty much the fundamental basis for any fighting style.  You need this thing to crack people in the face when they get too close to you.   I use a number of high school prom metaphors in this video, and Casey and I threw together what we though to be some funny clips to represent that shiz... at least we think we're funny.

Striking-Jab-Part-2 copyThe Jab Part 2... Two nasty set-ups that rely on your jab

This builds on the jab to give you a couple of solid two strike combinations.  You will need to watch the roundhouse and hook video if you really want to understand the most powerful way to utilize these lessons.

striking-cross copyThe Cross 

The cross is an essential punch that has both range and power.  It's the straight punch from the hand in the rear of your stance... the one that's further away from your opponent.  This allows you to twist your body to add power to your cross, making it incredibly devastating.

maxfiberThe Secret To A Knockout Cross (Or any punch) 

Maximum Fiber Recruitment is a kinesiological concept that teaches your brain how to fire all of your muscle fibers instantaneously.  This generates instantaneous power and speed, making any of your strikes capable of immediate knockouts.

Striking-Cross-Part-2Drills For A Knockout Cross

Here's some simple drills that you can do to build power in your cross.

LeadHookThe Lead Hook

This video is a true testament to the amount of form that goes into every single strike.  I love breaking strikes down into the finer details; that's how you build the most power.   This video will give you all of the details that you need to throw a hook from the front of your body.

How To Punch Harder Using Simple Science - Freakish Power Punch Training - Increase Striking Power.mp4.Still001Building Crazy Hook Power

This video will teach you how to apply basic kinesiology (think of it like "Explosive Muscle Science") to your hooking punches... and give them an alarming increase in power.

Now that you have some basic strikes...

Here's a way you can tie them together into a strategy

(which won't get you arrested.)


The Best Basic Fight Strategy

A great way to end a fight, stay on the right side of the law, and go home safely.

The Roundhousestriking-roundhouse copy

Look, this is a strike that requires focus on a number of details, but results in a ton of power.   Execute these simple steps, and you will have one of the most brutal weapons in all of martial arts.

roundhouse2How to end a fight with one single roundhouse to the leg 

(Roundhouse Part 2) – This is an incredibly cool lesson that takes advantage of specific weaknesses within human anatomy. This video probably could have been one or two minutes long, but its still effing important.  It contains the secret weak point on a persons leg, tips on turning your shins into weapons, and tips on how to strike the weak point more consistently.

Jiu Jitsu

Jiu-Jitsu-Guard-Basics copy

Guard Basics

You pretty much have to watch this lesson if you want to do Jiu Jitsu... it covers the basic things that you need to be thinking about when you're in guard. I also tell you a little tiny bit about how Jiu Jitsu became popular, but for the most part, this is just about guard basics and how to start fighting from your back.

Jiu-Jitsu-Finishing-Chokes copyFinishing Chokes 

If you end up on the guys back, or behind someone, a great way to finish the fight is by choking that guy to sleep. Taking this into consideration, you should probably watch this lesson on "blood chokes" and "wind chokes" so that you know how to execute a proper choke.

Jiu-Jitsu-Americana copyThe Americana 

The Americana was the first submission that I ever learned, and if you want to be effective in side mount, you MUST have this move as a threat. This is an attack with a high percentage of success, and it is a staple in my style of Jiu Jitsu.

Jiu-Jitsu-Americana-Set-Up copyPunching Into An Americana 

This is a fantastic was to use a couple of punches to virtually guarantee your capture of the Americana in a street fight... or any fight for that matter... one of my favorite ground-and-pound-into-submission set ups.

Jiu Jitsu Drills

Look, I know that this is a boring start to your Jiu Jitsu education, but this small section of drills will sharpen your movements for a ton of the submission moves to follow. If a submission technique requires one of these movements, I will say so in the video and point you to one of these lessons.

PoppingHipsUp copy

Popping Your Hips Up 

The "Popping Your Hips Up" drill plays a role in catching armbars, triangles, kneebars from your back, omaplatas, etc.

Jiu-Jitsu-Rolling-Up-Over-A-Shin copyRolling Up Over A Shin 

The "Rolling Up Over A Shin" drill is huge for sweeps, when you need to follow the guy into a top position.

Jiu-Jitsu-Sitting-Up-Over-a-Shoulder copySitting Up Over A Shoulder 

The "Sitting Up Over a Shoulder" drill is essential for bump sweeps, guillotines, and kamuras.

Snaking in a Guillotine

The "Snaking in a Guillotine" drill is important for... well... guillotines.


I threw the "Grips" lesson in here as well because I want you to have a reference video in case I mention a specific type of grip in one of these lessons, and you don't know what it is.

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