The Equipment Section

If you're wondering which Martial Arts Equipment to buy,
here are my best recommendations.

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The following equipment has been chosen for both price and quality... sometimes the cheapest item is also high quality... so you can save some $$$.  Read the bottom of this page for more information about how/why I made the sophisticated and brilliant decisions that I made regarding this gear.

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The Best Boxing Glove Choices

These are my two boxing glove recommendations, one for being awesome and one for being . Buy one and go punch things.

The Best Heavy Bags

A heavy bag is the absolute best way to build jaw shattering punching power, and leg debilitating kicking power. Being able to win a fight with a single strike is a handy skill.

The Best Hand/Wrist Wraps

Wraps are an essential part of protecting your hands when training your strikes at FULL POWER. Without wraps, if you punch as hard as you can consistently, you're probably going to hurt yourself.
The Best Boxing Mouthpiece

The Best Mouth-Guard

For the love of god save yourself some money and just buy a cheap mouth-guard. They even work better!
the best shin guards

My Favorite Kickboxing Shin Guards

If you want to spar without being in a constant state of injury (or dealing it out for that matter), you need a good set of shin guards. Here's a great set for cheap.
jump rope recommendations

The Best Jump Ropes

A jump rope is an essential training tool which makes your footwork FAST. That means faster entries for your attacks, and faster footwork when you need to get out of dodge.
buy bubba 2 training dummy

The Bubba 2 Training Dummy

The Bubba 2 Training dummy is the ONLY way to train Jiu Jitsu by yourself, and a good way to build your ground and pound skills as well.
buy the jobo takedown system

The Jobo Takedown System

This is by far my favorite training tool, and a GREAT way to build your takedowns without a training partner. It's like having a large set of legs to shoot on, any time you like, and they're TOUGH to move.

This equipment section has been a fun section for me to create for a few reasons:

1.  I've been through a LOT of gear in my lifetime.  Some of it fell apart immediately, some of it is holding strong after 15+ years of use, and some of it has just ended up sitting in a corner collecting dust.  I constantly find items that I feel can improve my game, and put them all to the test.  I also feel that I have a unique understanding of exactly what you need in order to build your skills, so this section can answer a lot of questions for you.

"Buying stuff won't make you a better martial artist, but it will facilitate more effective training.  These are tools to help you work harder."

2.  I consider myself to be a master of consumerism... call it a hobby.  I like to find great deals on items, and if possible combine shipping to save money instead of ordering from 10 different places.  You get to benefit from my obsessive consumerism.

I'd like to point out, that I get NO money for endorsing brands... yet 😉

My recommendations are completely uninfluenced.  I know good gear when I feel it, and I know overpriced gear when I see it.  I like MMA warehouse because their prices and deals are good, and their shipping is fast.  Again, if you're getting multiple items, you don't want to pay multiple shipping charges.

Anyhow, without further delay, feel free to click on any of the links above ↑ to see my equipment recommendation for the item at hand.

If you have any Questions about this stuff, feel free to ask them below.