The Striking Dojo - Week #9.

Our extra 'Grand Finale' of sorts...

To conclude this course, I would like to fulfill some additional requests...

And offer some insight on other very common striking scenarios!

 I received a request for 'drills to improve one's side kick'.

The following video ensues:

The Varied 'Kicks from the Chamber' Drill

This drill will improve all three of your major kicks: The Front Kick, the Side Kick, and the Roundhouse.  You will develop an infallibly strong 'standing leg' , and add a ton of additional power to your pivots.

 I received a request for 'set-ups, set-ups, and more set ups'...

So here's a phenomenal set up.

Faking Low and Hooking High

One of my favorite set-up's of all time, this will give you a great chance at taking your opponent's head off with a clean lead hook.

Since Eddie Alvarez just won the UFC Lightweight Title...

Here's one of the first videos that I ever made (and it probably sucks) but it's another great simple set up.

Screenshot 2016-07-20 11.09.42(3)The “Eddie Alvarez”

Eddie Alvarez knocked my wind out so badly using this set up (around 2008 or so) that I almost shit my pants. As a result, I started doing it to other people… which is way more fun.

The most common attack that you will see is the flailing 'overhand right'...

So it's good to have a few options, in case someone starts troubling you with this punch.  You only need to master ONE of these, but having more than one in your pocket can't hurt!

The Best Defenses For The Overhand Right

Anticipate this punch, and catch him with one of these.

Now, at times you will hurt your opponent and you will know that he is hurt.

Don't just rush for the finish... guarantee the finish.  A lot of times, when you rush in, you'll rush right into a 'hug', or a clinch, or a double leg takedown.  Be prepared to be grabbed once you've clipped the guy, and don't let it happen.

How to Stop Your Opponent From Hugging Onto You

These options will make him feel less friendly.

 Just to add on to this a little bit...

The following video will elaborate more on some of the previously mentioned 'hug stopping' methods.

The "Rude Awakening

A gem from the How to Fight Bigger People Course, this video contains a more thorough description of the 'shoulder bump', we touch on the elbow with a hook underneath, and we also add a 'battering ram' style into knee into the mix... which will easily stop someone from hugging you.

 Here's another gem from the F.B.P course

I promised you the ability to build your neck, and resist knockouts, so here's that video:

bp-212-building-the-neck-you-need joes edit.Still005-RecoveredBuilding The Neck You Need

Single Legs involve head-butts, neck strength is crucial. The more sturdy your neck is, the less likely you are to get knocked out!

And that's it!  The course is finished!

I hope that you enjoyed all of the stuff that you learned, and I hope you continue to practice this stuff in years to come.  You will not have mastered this art in the time that it takes to watch the videos, so be patient, and WORK HARD.

Soon enough, the moves will flow, your strikes will snap, and you will have the unencumbered confidence that it takes to  face fights fearlessly.  I hope that you never have to defend yourself in such a manner but I leave you with this:


Hey... I would love to hear your opinion on the course, and get any feedback.  Please shoot me an email!

[email protected]

Let me know if you have any questions as well!

Train hard... be unstoppable.

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