YouTube Follow Ups

YouTube Follow UpsIf you saw a video on YouTube and you want to see the second half or "follow-up", this would be the section to visit.  It would seem that everyone got confused without a huge YouTube logo to click on... so here you go.





StandingSubmissions2Standing Submissions Part 2. (the "Travaconda")

Here's a follow up to the "Fatal Self Defense" lesson in which I give you a bonus kick ass submission that starts from standing. I've tentatively started calling this the "Trav-aconda". Anyhow, this is an anaconda variation that I find to be virtually infallable any time I catch a front headlock position. This will choke your opponent to sleep in mere seconds.

Instant-Fight-Series-1-1 copyHow To Fight And Win In 5 Seconds 

This is a simple series of moves that will allow you to take a guy to the ground and tear the ligaments in his leg to pieces.

RearSlipAnother Follow Up For "How To Win A Street Fight With Head Movmement"

This is just ONE of the head movement techniques that I teach... you're going to need a few more than just this if you want to be unhittable, but this is a great place to start.  First, I will teach you how make punches miss with this head movment.  Then I'll teach you how to turn it into an instant knockout technique that I call the "Fadeaway Hook."  First, click this link to watch the "Rear Slip"video, and then look for the "Fadeaway Hook" lesson immediately beneath the Rear Slip.  Enjoy.

Striking-Noodles-Slipping-1-2s copyYet Another Head Movement Follow Up: Slipping 1-2′s with Noodles

This video breaks down the form on how to slip common punch combos, and gives you some ideas on how to actually get good at this. I liked watching this video

maxfiberThe Secret To A Knockout Cross (Or any punch)

Maximum Fiber Recruitment is a kinesiological concept that teaches your brain how to fire all of your muscle fibers instantaneously.  This generates instantaneous power and speed, making any of your strikes capable of immediate knockouts.

Striking-Cross-Part-2Drills For A Knockout Cross 

Here’s some simple drills that you can do to build power in your cross.

buiuldingcrazypowerHow to Build Crazy Hook Power

This video has one of the best kinesiological secretes that can be applied to throwing knockout strikes… that means using MUSCLE SCIENCE to build big time power.  I strongly recommend that you watch this video, and suffer through it’s crappy quality.

Striking-Jab-Part-2 copyThe Jab Part 2… Two nasty set-ups that rely on your jab 

This builds on the jab to give you a couple of solid two strike combinations.  You will need to watch the roundhouse and hook video if you really want to understand the most powerful way to utilize these lessons.

roundhouse2How to end a fight with one single roundhouse to the leg

(Roundhouse Part 2) – This is an incredibly cool lesson that takes advantage of specific weaknesses within human anatomy. This video probably could have been one or two minutes long, but its still effing important.  It contains the secret weak point on a persons leg, tips on turning your shins into weapons, and tips on how to strike the weak point more consistently.

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