Here's a huge stash of Free Lessons

These are Mixed Martial Arts Techniques that will help you
Win Fights with Alarming Speed.

(or at least some of them will.)

Head Movement

If you saw me dodge some punches, and you want to dodge some yourself... these videos will get you started in becoming really hard to hit.

Free Fightin' Bigger People

Here's a few lessons that I pulled from the most recent program I released on how to fight huge opponents... because I like to share stuff.
YouTube Follow Ups

Follow Ups

If you saw a video on YouTube and you want to see the second half or "follow-up", this would be the section to visit. It would seem that everyone got confused without a huge YouTube logo to click on... so here you go.

The Basics

This section gives you all of the important, though not necessarily entertaining, details about how to throw effective and powerful strikes. I believe we have some Jiu Jitsu basics in here as well.

My Equipment Recommendations

This is the best essential training equipment that I've found based on quality and price. Good equipment allows you to build your skills all by yourself, and any time that you want.

Here's some more advanced stuff, theoretically:

How To FIght Fight Enders


This section teaches you combinations, set-ups, and skills that you can practice in order to END FIGHTS INSTANTLY.
Free Striking Techniques


This striking section is a combination of boxing and kicboxing. I take the head movement, footwork, and angles from boxing and combine it with the kicks, knees, elbows, clinch, and brutality from kick boxing.
How to Do Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu is the art of fighting people on the ground. If a fight ends up on the ground, you will be happy if you have a few tricks up your sleeve, if nothing else. Snapping a joint, or choking someone to sleep is a GREAT way to win a fight.

Here's some other stuff:

Travis's MMA Video Pics

Trav's Picks

This is a small handful of my favorite videos... either because I think they're important, or I just think they're entertaining.
The Greatest Fighters To Ever Live

The Greats

This section will be filled with highlight reels and fights from the best fighters in the history of martial arts. We can learn a LOT by watching the best. Pay attention to these videos, and you will learn invaluable skills.
How To Wrestle for street fighting


Wrestling refers to the ability to take people to the ground when you need to... sometimes violently slamming them to the ground and doing some serious damage. The ability to control where a fight ends up can be very important.
How To Be A Pimp


This is our not-entirely-serious but actually-kind-of-effective series on how to pick up chicks... it's short... at least in the freeeeee section.